100 Future Leaders appointed to headship

 National education charity The Future Leaders Trust today announced that the 100th headteacher to be trained on the Future Leaders programme has been appointed at a Suffolk primary school in need of urgent improvement.

Nadia Paczuska joined Future Leaders in 2012 to transform her students' education. Since then she has received training, coaching and career support from The Future Leaders Trust. She successfully applied to the Government-backed Talented Leaders programme to improve schools in rural and coastal regions and will take up her post as Headteacher of Meadow Primary School in June.

The Future Leaders Trust was founded in 2006 to train and develop headteachers who are committed to working in schools where too many children leave without the qualifications or experiences that will give them choice and opportunity in the future. Evidence shows they are improving the education for the children who need it most.

Future Leaders believe it is a moral imperative to provide every child with a great education and that all children can be successful, regardless of background. There are now over 350 Future Leaders working in more than 250 challenging primary and secondary schools around England. They are impacting on the education of over 200,000 children.

Heath Monk, CEO of The Future Leaders Trust, said: “The organisation has changed since I joined in 2007, including expanding across England and into primary schools. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to turning failing schools into inspiring communities and giving hope to children who believe they have no futures.

“Nadia will be an exceptional head because she is passionate about improving schools and an exceptional leader. It’s especially great that Nadia is our 100th head because evidence shows women face greater challenges in being appointed headteachers and the Trust is working to change that. Today we celebrate her success and the work of all the other Future Leaders who have become heads over the past decade.

“This is also a chance to look to the future: we should reach 200 headteachers by September 2017 and we are recruiting over 100 new Future Leaders each year. We’re creating a network made up of hundreds of people who are all working together to improve schools and chance lives.”

Nadia Paczuska said: “I first heard of Future Leaders when my Executive Head gave me their leaflet, saying, ‘This looks perfect for you.’ I soon realised he was right and am still impressed by their combination of professionalism and moral purpose.
“Future Leaders has supported me to become a headteacher through the highest quality support and their utter belief in my ability to lead a school. I’ve learned a lot about leadership through reading and in discussion but it’s been a personal journey too. Over the past few years I have grown up, got real and focussed on the task in hand – making sure that my new school gives the best possible start to the children who need it most.”

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