The poll for the Schoolwear Association asked teachers to name the two most common acts of bad behaviour they had witnessed.

Just over half (51%) of teachers had to deal with mouthy students. A third (30%) complained about pupils refusing to do work while verbal bullying was reported by a quarter (26%) and physical bullying by a fifth (19%).

Other misdemeanours included damage to school property (9%), online bullying (6%), damage to another child’s property (5%) and running away (4%).

The survey by One Poll of 326 teachers and 1,500 parents found a clear link between behaviour and school uniform, and between uniform and the image of schools.

Teachers said children in badged, school-specific uniform tended to be the best behaved, and a third said non-uniform days brought out bad behaviour.

The results build on a previous survey for the Schoolwear Association by YouGov, which found that more than 80 per cent of teachers would prefer their students to be in school-specific uniform.

In the new survey, parents clearly associate school uniform with a variety of benefits.

Almost three quarters (73%) think a child wearing a badged school uniform goes to a better school than their non-badged counterparts. Around a third (37%) think it helps to identify which school the child goes to, more than half (56%) believe school-specific uniform creates a sense of community, and two thirds (67%) believe a uniform makes children feel equal, limiting peer pressure.


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