A Fresh, Easy Way For Adults (and Young Adults) To Learn To Read.

 Unlocking the power of reading. Turning Pages is a fresh, easy way for adults (and young adults) to learn to read, at their own pace, one to one with a friend, family member or other mentor.

‘I cannot emphasize enough how the boys at HMYOI Werrington seem to enjoy the new reading scheme!’ (says a member of education staff)

Shannon Trust is excited to announce that we are almost ready to launch our Turning Pages reading programme outside the custodial estate. In just a few days, organisations and individuals will be able to buy our peer deliverable Turning Pages manuals and reading books.

Turning Pages is changing lives like Jen’s. Aged 30 and with five children she’d been embarrassed all her life by not being able to read. Jen overcame that embarrassment to learn with Turning Pages and is now looking forward to reading with her children and ‘seeing them smile’.  

Like Jen, many parents and grandparents are experiencing the pleasure of reading with children and supporting their schoolwork for the first time.

All sorts of adults struggle with reading and Turning Pages can help them. Adults like Paul who’s ‘much more confident about doing the day to day things that life involves’ since he learned to read with Turning Pages.

Created by literacy specialists for, and with adult learners, Turning Pages has been used by over 6,000 learners since the launch in June 2015. An academic review by Birmingham City University has shown its effectiveness in helping adults become readers, even if they've never read a word before.

Anyone who can read can use the Turning Pages manuals to help anyone struggling to read. No training is needed as the manuals contain all the instructions for the mentor and the phonic sounds can be practiced with our free download. 

Turning Pages is:

·         5 manuals and 30 accompanying reading books

·         One to one

·         20 minutes a day 5 days a week (although it can still work with fewer sessions)

·         Private

·         Learners going at their own pace

·         Has no exams

·         Written specifically for older learners

More news will follow but if you can't wait please feel free to contact our Head of Development Susie O'Hagan: susie@shannontrust.org.uk

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