Action Mats Debuted At The Beds PE Conference

 We had a lovely time at the Bedfordshire PE Conference at Centre Parcs Woburn earlier this month, where we presented our brand new Action Mats concept to PE teachers of our home county of Bedfordshire.  Having already given full sets of mats to local schools for them to test them out, we saw lots of familiar faces who were keen to let us know how much they’d loved the mats so far.

Our exhibition stand drew lots of interested PE teachers in to chat about the mats and the ideas behind them, and the example mats we laid out in front of the stand (the Home mat, Balance mat, Skipping mat and Speedbounce mat) proved their hardwearing properties with sports shoes walking over them all day!

PE teachers were really interested in the simplicity and universality of the mats, with stick men instructions giving the opportunity for children of all languages and abilities to understand what to do, and the range of activities impressed them as well.

We were really pleased with the conference and the interest we received, and we can’t wait to attend again next year!


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