All-In-One Music Theory. What people are saying...

Our satisfied customers say they love All-In-One music theory for many different reasons but the words we hear most often are ‘visual’, ‘integrated’, ‘comprehensive / thorough’ and ‘FUN’! (People also comment that they like the structure, especially regarding the THIRD [2016] edition, and that they find the graded checklists very helpful). These key words probably best summarize why All-In-One Music Theory is THE most effective way to learn.

VISUAL – easy to learn and remember.
Most drawings are educational (not just decorative) thereby appeal to all ages, helping reinforce concepts learnt.

INTEGRATED…yet progressive
Exploring patterns across the grades

‘All-In-One…is presented quite differently from most other theory books…an integrated scheme of work…as opposed to small chunks of info which will hopefully click together like lego bricks’ Rhinegold Music Teacher magazine

COMPREHENSIVE  and IN DEPTH ( “extremely thorough”  EPTA)
Includes graded checklists for both ABRSM and Trinity

All-In-One music theory books are fully comprehensive and satisfy all the requirements of both ABRSM and Trinity College London syllabus grades 1-5 (and even includes some topics marked ‘optional’ which are not found in either ABRSM or Trinity syllabus).


The teaching method itself means that learning is fun (i.e. Satisfaction results from a thorough and proper understanding of music theory)…

All material was written with the conviction that pupils gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their work if they understand why rules or conventions exist and, from the start, students are equipped with the bare bones of information needed to work things out for themselves independently of the teacher.’ (Quoted from preface page)

…plus there are many fun and taxing puzzles which appeal to students of all ages
For example, there are twelve pages of ‘musical stories’ to improve note reading (whereby words are depicted in notation and have to be deciphered for the sense of the story to be revealed). Also there are thirty pages referring to Italian, French and German terms including an 81 word crossword puzzle using just Italian terms (and several other smaller crosswords), anagrams, word searches, stories where the terms can be fitted in with the text and other original puzzles which appeal to students of all ages.

Below are some quotes from magazines and what customers have written about our books.

Still unsure? Rather than taking our word for it, simply request to see All-In-One music theory books for yourself to make your own judgement (Most music shop will order in a no-obligation copy for you to view, upon request, if they don’t stock the book already).

 What the magazines say…

Rhinegold Music Teacher magazine:

“A welcome addition to theory education”… “really excellent material”… “Imaginative”… “good psychology to encourage and inspire pupils.”

 “[with] crosswords, anagrams and stories using Italian and French words…the book is worth every penny just for this section alone”…

… “The book is always clear, with concise language so that pupils of any age should be able to work through it with minimum dependence on the teacher.”

EPTA – Piano Professional

‘entertaining enough to encourage all but the most obstinate….

“Written in a clear and inviting manner…Even when all the many exercises are completed, it is not a book to be thrown away as we frequently dispose of other completed exercise books. It will remain as an excellent source of reference and one which I can warmly recommend”.

What customers say…

'The holy grail of music theory books’...

‘theory is presented in a way which is more enjoyable and memorable for a younger person who couldn’t handle just pages of dry theory’...

‘Especially encouraging book for adults’... [i.e. It’s not just for children!]

‘This very comprehensive music theory book is brilliantly illustrated with colour, puzzles, explanations and humour. It is simple to find the categories and appeals to all ages and abilities helping them to grasp some tricky concepts. I highly recommend this book and wish I had known about it years ago’.

'Absolutely fantastic! I was a bit sceptical upon buying this book as it looked a bit childish and I thought maybe that would mean some of the info was missing. I was wrong. This book is jam packed with detailed, easy to understand information’...

‘Fabulous find! Everything you need to grade 5 theory in one book...I bought this for my son who is studying for his drum exam…It is progressive so although he knew some elements from the early grades, it was good to be able to refer forward and back to elements so you can see clearly how you are progressing, and pick out the parts that he didn’t already know from earlier grades’...

‘Really well presented and useful’...

‘I am new to music theory, and also only started playing a musical instrument about three months ago, so what would be dreadful for me is wading through a boring text book. However, this book by Rachel is simply amazing. There are illustrations, story lines, crosswords and other helpful exercises to take the reader on a pleasant and interesting journey in learning music theory. I enjoy using it!’


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