All-In-One Music Theory books - New (2016) edition suitable for classroom or private tuition

All-In-One...and ONE for all! For every musician, young or old
Now available in a much improved THIRD edition (2016) which is suitable for classroom as well as private tuition!

Aaron publications is publisher of the highly-acclaimed All-In-One series of music theory books which are fully comprehensive and satisfy all the requirements of both ABRSM and Trinity syllabus. The third (2016) edition of All-In-One contains ground breaking developments which make it truly a ONE for all method. The five main books in the series are ‘All-In-One to Grade 5 – THIRD (2016) edition’,  the ‘Trinity Supplement’ (for Trinity College London students to use alongside All-In-One to Grade 5), ‘All-In-One: Grades 1-3’and  ‘All-In-One: Grades 4-5’ (the latter two books already contain the ‘Trinity Supplement’ booklet exercises). ‘All-In-One: Answer book’ is also available, which contains answers to all the aforementioned books.

A RADICALLY NEW TEACHING APPROACH which dispenses with the usual rote learning and instead exposes simple rules and patterns, enabling students to work things out for themselves. The author’s method arises from the conviction that a pupil gains satisfaction and enjoyment from their work if they understand why rules and conventions exist. Provides an in depth knowledge of music theory with minimal effort!

‘ presented quite differently from most other theory integrated scheme of opposed to small chunks of info which will hopefully click together like lego bricks’ Rhinegold Music Teacher magazine

Recent and substantial improvements to All-In-One means mean it is now equally suitable for classroom and private tuition. ‘The most recent edition (THIRD EDITION)…[is] more accessible to the young beginner and more suitable for students taking the individual grades en route to grade 5 without, most crucially, losing All-In-One’s integrated approach.’ (Quoted from preface page)

  • Suitable for child or adult. Mnemonics & memorable illustrations reinforce information learnt rather than being merely decorative.
  • Clear, progressive papers.
  • Graded checklists (Associated Board and Trinity College London)
  • Comprehensive revision papers.
  • Fun and highly original games with appeal to students of every age.
  • Explanation 'why' rules and conventions exist (not just what)
  • Self-explanatory and easy to understand. Complete without the need of a teacher!

A valuable fast track from beginner to Grade 5 music theory required by exam boards, colleges and universities. Choose between ‘All-In-One to Grade 5’, ‘All-In-One: Grades 1-3’ and ‘All-In-One: Grades 4-5’.  Each book is an explanation, workbook and reference book in one handy manual, containing all the practice material you need. Appeals to a wide range from young children to adults, pianist and instrumentalist alike and frees up valuable lesson time for the instrumental work it supports.

Please note, 'Fast-track' refers to the method of tuition which avoids the traditional, time-consuming rote learning. It does NOT imply that some information is missing; rather, to the contrary, All-In-One includes more information than most theory books! (including some optional papers which are beyond ABRSM and Trinity requirements). (‘extremely thorough’ Rhinegold Music Teacher).


EPTA Piano Professional, January 2011 (about the first edition)
“written in a clear and inviting is not a book to be thrown away as we frequently dispose of other completed exercise books. It will remain as an excellent source of reference”.

Rhinegold: Music Teacher magazine, February 2009 (about the first edition)
“A welcome addition to theory education”...
“really excellent material”...“Imaginative”...“good psychology to encourage and inspire pupils.”
“The book is always clear, with concise language so that pupils of any age should be able to work through it with minimum dependence on the teacher.”

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To read in detail the recent substantial differences between the third and previous editions, download the attachment on the Reviews page of our website a (the new edition of All-In-One to Grade 5 is expected to be reviewed by EPTA later this year)

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