Altuity Solutions Brings Enterprise Grade Asset Management Solution To The Education Sector

 AltoSites brings together fragmented site data into a single Cloud-based portal, providing increased clarity and control over business assets. 

Alan Neale, Business Manager, Churchill Academy and Sixth Form, explains, “The possibilities of AltoSites are endless. I can easily see it being used to map all of the compliance information and critical asset data we need to maintain.”

Using AltoSites, Site and Estate Managers, Facilities Managers, Bursars and Business Managers can now gain access to highly visual site data in a locational context that is overlaid on a map and site survey plan - all without the need for specialist GIS or CAD software. Most importantly, any site and floor plan within AltoSites is also spatially aware - providing spatial access to site data.

Steve Voller, Founder, Aluity Solutions, explains, “Site managers face huge challenges managing the diverse range of records, assets and inspections associated with a site. Typically, budget and resource restraints in the small and mid-market have restricted access to effective site management systems. With AltoSites, we aim to bring enterprise grade functionality to the education, small and mid sized businesses through a tiered pricing model that allows businesses to only pay for the site management functionality they need.”

Typically, small to mid-sized organisations have vast quantities of data associated with each site stored in multiple locations and often in multiple document types including Word, Excel, PDFs and JPGs. Therefore gaining swift access to records can be a very timely and expensive process. Altuity Solutions’ tiered pricing and licensing model frees businesses from making a large financial commitment for a functionally rich solution, of which only a fraction is needed to manage their site assets.

With AltoSites, users now have access to a functionally rich solution that provides:

  • Highly visual site data in a location context overlaid on a map and site survey plan, without the need for specialist GIS or CAD software.
  • A highly configurable solution that can be used ‘out of the box’ or configured to meet bespoke business requirements.
  • Mobile access via mobile tablet devices or laptops with full functionality and security.
  • Quick ROI with implementation of the base system taking a matter of days – meaning users can get up and running very quickly.



A full list of AltoSite features and benefits can be found here: [DB1] 

About Altuity Solutions

Altuity’s strategy is to focus on value innovation: delivering increased innovation at lower costs for our clients. We make the complex simple through intuitive, Cloud-based software solutions - solutions that enable clients to manage site premises and assets through a single, easy-to-use online portal, accessible in the office or on the move.


We bring simplicity to complexity, without unnecessary compromise. For example, we provide mapping and spatial functionality without the need for specialist GIS software


With a management team that has over 25 years’ experience of delivering asset management solutions to clients around the world, we meet clients’ needs by designing solutions which are intuitive and drive value and business benefits without unnecessary complexity.

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