Antibacterial side or visitor chairs

Healthcare associated infections are transmitted through contact and on touch points such as seating furniture. Healthcare associated infections, such as MRSA and E.coli, are becoming progressively resistant to antibiotics, therefore the prevention of the spread of infections has rapidly become an increasingly important issue.


A range of antimicrobial products targeting areas of high footfall and high transmission would help break the chain of infection thereby aiding with infection control. Furniture is a commonly used touch point and increases the spread of infections by providing an area for transmission to occur, creating more carriers. Employed in a number of different healthcare environments, seating in particular can be handled and used many times by numerous users between normal cleaning times. This allows bacteria to multiply, transfer and then spread to other users, before the seat has been cleaned. We aim to break the chain of infection through innovation with our antimicrobial seating range that is not only easy to clean but clinically proven to kill >99.9% of MRSA and E. Coli as well as inhibit fungal growth.

Our antimicrobial furniture range addresses not only infection control issues but also a range of safety concerns affecting healthcare environments. Our furniture offers multiple improvements and benefits throughout their lifetime over existing furniture used in certain areas, including the ability to kill MRSA and E.Coli. These features help improve facility and personal safety. Our aim is to help reduce healthcare related infection rates and provide long term cost savings by reducing treatment, cleaning and maintenance costs.

Although we have concentrated on the prevention and removal of bacteria from the surface of our furniture, we have also focused on the wide range of safety and postural needs which the multiple users of most environments have. This is why we have developed our range of seating to promote an ergonomic posture and provide high stability, for frail users as well.

Easy to Clean

Our unique one piece products have no areas that trap dirt, enabling quick and thorough cleaning. Leading to vastly reduced cleaning times. Our products can be safely cleaned using detergents, steam cleaning and Actichlor Plus.

Our products use a ward identification system, to colour code them to a specific area, helping prevent cross location and cross infection. Non-porous The non-porous polypropylene body stops dirt embedding and staining the surface. This makes the removal of dirt and bacteria easier than on traditional materials used in furniture. Antimicrobial

Our silver based additive kills 99.9% of MRSA and E.Coli on contact, as well as inhibiting fungal growth. The antimicrobial additive runs to the chairs core, providing the same antimicrobial protection throughout its one piece body. Ergonomic Designed to British Standards for ergonomics, our chairs provide their users with lumbar support to encourage good posture. This positive upright posture position, combined with the products arms, makes it safer and easy for a user to get in and out of our chairs. Safety The anti tamper one piece construction of our products, along with their safe rounded edges, minimises the possibility of injury to both primary and secondary users. Our chairs also incorporate a wide stable base, with anti-tilt legs, which reduces the risk of users falling when using our chairs.

100% Recyclable Our products are made from recyclable polypropylene, meeting DEFRA recycling standards. At the end of their usable life they can also be remolded into new Titan Healthcare products.

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