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As schools develop the number of portable items will grow. Trying to manage where all these items are, can prove a logistical and an increasingly financial worry and without computer assistance is a laborious job.  Assettrac provides the facility for key staff to manage their equipment in the most efficient way.

As specialist suppliers Assettrac can provide professional audit resources to tag and log all your assets in a matter of days to create your asset register. They then can then provide item management software (online and handheld) to manage an environment where property is constantly purchased, moved, edited, inspected, and disposed.

Fast paperless methods of tracking not only who has what where, but who had what, where, makes life a lot easier for administrators and assists in defending the school’s reputation for sound management through audit trails and safety and maintenance routines. The project can include the latest tamper evident labels, either generic or bespoke, to put on all your equipment. Depending on your time and resources Assettrac can then either keep the data updated for you as part of a continued reaudit service or provide training for the school to undertake themselves via handheld device.

Assettrac's modern web-based software makes it easy to report instantly where an item was last located, who was last responsible and also importantly, reporting what’s not been done or overdue. Apart from demonstrating best use of school funds and compliance with safety legislation, there are security benefits, and data formats are compatible with other software programs. We provide full and comprehensive training and technical support services.

There are significant financial and time-saving benefits for finance, IT and premises managers through adopting this best practice system. Managers will see a major reduction in their workload in this area and Assettrac can help at every step. Whether you're a single building village school or building a business case for heads of multi-academy trust boards Assettrac have the experience to help.

The system can also help facilities managers save time and money by providing them a quicker way to undertake their safety and item inspections. They have also saved schools the cost of whole yearly outsourced contracts, that became unnecessary, by bringing it in-house. (Case references available.)

Creating and maintaining asset  data with Assettrac's modern tools help schools to be far more agile and efficient in a paperless environment and saving a great deal of time and money.

Assettrac Ltd - Approved partner of The National Association of Business Management.

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A comprehensive guide to all the considerations has been specially written for schools and academies see

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