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The BVS ECOtouch Interactive Touch Screens are creating a wave of interest in the touch screen arena. The low price and excellent quality have made the ECOtouch a very attractive proposition for schools looking to move to this new technology.

When it comes to features, the BVS ECOtouch screens are certainly on par with the rest. But what sets them apart is the price and performance. The ECOtouch screens cost nearly 40% less than the more established rivals, but there is no compromise on quality or performance. This is borne out by the glowing testimonials ECOtouch screens have continued to receive - check these out at

Owen Rhodes of Beaupre Primary has said, “The BVS 65″ touch screens are such high quality and very good value for money and the customer care has been excellent. I would strongly recommend BVS to any school looking to install touch screens.”


Mark Kelland of Dragon 2000 adds,” We are really impressed with the robustness and build quality of the screen, the picture clarity is outstanding on such a large screen and the touch sensitivity is pin point perfect. We have been really pleased with the service received and the quality of the product. We would have no hesitation in recommending the BVS ECOtouch screen.”


A great product can still be let down by poor after sales. But not so here as Ben Tilley, IT manager at The Ridge Primary School, highlights. “Go Education provided us with an excellent product at an excellent price, but what was most exceptional was the after-sales service. When we had a problem with our device, a replacement was brought to us the very next day.”

 How do we achieve this? At the heart of it is undoubtedly the excellent quality and build of the BVS screens themselves, but which we have complemented with our expert knowledge and service levels attained through over 15 years of experience serving schools. We have avoided expensive forms of marketing and a vey large proportion of our sales come through recommendations and repeat purchases. This approach has worked very well and we have been able to pass on the resultant savings to our customers.

Go Education also works with a number of specialist value added resellers who provide a highly personalised service. The BVS ECOtouch product range itself is very customisable and all ECOtouch screens work with Smart and Promethean software.

Paul Hipwell, the ICT manager at Pemworthan High School, has perhaps given the ECOtouch the biggest accolade when he says, “The BVS screens are absolutely stunning. If any school is considering purchasing touch screens, the BVS ECOtouch 65” screens tick all the boxes

To demonstrate our complete confidence in the product, we have put in place a full 15-day “no-obligation” trial facility that schools can take advantage of.

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