Birmingham Botanical Gardens

How do pineapples grow? How are shoes and the rainforest linked? Why is white chocolate white, but milk chocolate brown? What is a Tenrec?

Here at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, we answer all these questions and so many more! We offer more than 20 expertly-taught, cross-curricular sessions to choose from.

Just a few suggestions to whet the appetite: Rainforest Fun with Live Animals, Pond and Minibeast Explorers, Rainforest Challenge and many more! You will be able to tailor your educational visit to any subject, topic and age group, and know that all sessions link directly to the new national curriculum. Alternatively, you can opt for a self-guided visit where teachers can lead their own activities using our extensive range of comprehensive resources.

Teacher Comments: `The children haven't stopped talking about our visit, when can we come again?`
`Friendly, approachable, patient and knowledgeable staff.`
Pupil Comments: `It was very good, I want to come again. Lots of rare plants I learnt loads!` (Year 4)

My experience at the Botanical Gardens was awesome!` (Year 10)

For more detailed information about what we can offer you, visit our Website

and click on the Learn tab, or speak directly to the Education team on 0121 450 5093.

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