Blind 'em with science so kids see the light

Wolverhampton-based Classroom Medics seeks to engage the next generation of healthcare scientists, as well as to help pupils make more informed decisions about their career aspirations and lifestyle choices with over 50,000 students at all key stages and levels benefitting since March. They get to use the latest ultrasound and view major arteries close up and check out vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys with a convex probe, draw blood from a fake arm, have a go at keyhole surgery, stitch and suture - even take a photo of their own retina with an iPhone.

Pupils also learn about the effects drugs, diseases and injury have on the body via patient simulator ˜Stan- a life size human manikin with a heartbeat and pulse, who breathes, sweats, cries, bleeds, talks and has seizures. Pupils can see all of his vital signs on a real monitor and work on Stan as he reacts to the situations pupils decide to put him in - they even decide the drugs and procedures to perform to try and save Stan's life.

The Health & Fitness MOT enables students to measure lung sizes and ages with a spirometer, record an ECG from their heart and calculate the angle of the heart in their chest, use an otoscope to video their ear drum and see what they will look like when they are 72 with age progression photography. They also get to check out the effects of smoking, obesity and sunlight exposure. These principles and procedures also make for a unique Drug & Knife Safety Awareness workshop that is fun, hands on and memorable, as the pupils get to experience using real medical & health equipment to see the consequences of poor lifestyle decisions.

Founder Tom Warrender, who used to teach physiology to nurses and is also known as ˜The Human Guinea Pig because he puts himself through all sorts of medical and sporting tests in the name of science, explains: We set up Classroom Medics to show the many opportunities that science can bring - because teachers were telling me all the time that students who both love science and want to become doctors just didnt think they were good enough to get the grades to find a job in the NHS. They also admitted they didnt know what else to suggest to these pupils.  Consequently, we pack all our shows and workshops with things you cant normally do in school and make sure there is an actual applied link to science and a career. We illustrate the many and varied careers in the Healthcare Science sector that your pupils wont have heard of (there are over 40) and show them how they can get into these careers with A-C grades, (not just A grades as is the popular misconception) but merely A-C grades in Science, Maths and English.

We also provide free resources, starting with an A1 size poster of the basic routes through to careers in Healthcare Science, plus a host of career information flyers to hand out to students followed by a daily or weekly poster (x 40) via email of a specific career for teachers to download, print off and make interactive displays.

A more recent initiative is the Sports Science enrichment workshop, which is a fun and inclusive means of testing strength, speed and power. Pupils can race elite sprinters like Usain Bolt on The Accelerator to see what their peak running speed is, measure ball throwing/kicking speed with a speed gun, test hand/eye coordination with the BATAK reaction wall, record jump height and distance with a special mat, see how much power they can generate on a Watt bike, test their flexibility in the Hexagon agility test and see how far they can go in the rowing machine challenge. Pupils can record their performances on a score card and upload them to a special website to see how they rank on the day in each event and overall?

For specific groups, this workshop can also be mapped to all the different curriculum specs from the exam boards. For further information on all available workshops and shows, how to register for free career resources and enquire/book online, visit the website at or speak to one of the team on 01902 244 111. Video and written testimonials can be viewed at

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