Case Study: Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys' LED Lighting system upgrade

 LED Lighting system upgrade

Whether it’s a federated academy trust or an individual grant-maintained school, UK Energy Partners’ approach to providing long-term carbon and cost savings can be applied to any school model.

Here, we look at how a partnership with one of those single institutions works in practice, and the clear benefits to the school involved.

Project overview

UK Energy Partners designed, financed and delivered a highly efficient LED lighting upgrade to Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys in Kent.

All survey work, project specification and administration of the funding application was undertaken at no cost to the school. Once finance had been successfully allocated, UK Energy Partners handled all project management, procurement and installation works.

We were able to deliver a custom-designed project which reduced Tunbridge Wells’ electricity requirements by 43%. By replacing an inefficient system with an environmentally friendly solution, our upgrade generates thousands of pounds for the School’s pupils annually.

Annual Energy Cost Saving: £22,819

Net 8 Year Saving: £112,216

Annual CO2 Saving: 71.89 tonnes

£/per pupil saving: £17.55

Client Testimonial

“UK Energy Partners answered our call to help find a way of reducing electricity and lamp replacement costs. They produced sound proposals based on credible assumptions, and explained in detail the route to a funding solution that involved no up-front charges. With the proposal approved, project delivery was uncomplicated and smooth, and yielded a highly satisfactory result that has been admired and appreciated throughout the School. The Salix funding and payment process has been straightforward, and now we look forward to exceeding our savings expectations, and to moving onto another productive project with UK Energy Partners.”

David Wells

Bursar, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

1. Design.

UK Energy Partners surveyed the Tunbridge Wells site, at no cost to the School, in order to design and propose an extensive upgrade of their inefficient lighting system.

The relationship with the School’s hierarchy was both personal and direct, with a dedicated Project Manager made available to the Tunbridge Wells management at each stage of the project life cycle through initial survey to handover.

We presented the School with a bespoke proposal, informing them of the exact technologies we intended to install and an accurate specification of project duration and cost.

The impact of these technologies were clearly explained – the total energy demand reduction, how much the School will save per year and the carbon emissions reductions; all verified post-installation in-line with international standards (IPMVP).

2. Finance.

UK Energy Partners understand the need to provide funded solutions to enable public sector schools to capture long-term energy efficiency savings. We handle all the administration around funding applications on behalf of clients – ensuring technical and financial compliance in the process.

For Tunbridge Wells, we sourced all of the capital required for the project from Salix Finance, on behalf of the School.

The scheme allows schools to apply for an interest-free loan to finance up to 100% of the costs of energy saving projects, meeting the requirements set out in the eligibility criteria of the application and background notes.

We provide a full Salix Finance application management service free of charge, offering you expert consultation every step of the way through our extensive company-wide experience.

We’ve secured in excess of £6 million of public funding for energy efficiency technology upgrade projects in schools up and down the country.

We know what makes for a successful application, steering projects through all the eligibility and compliance criteria to get our clients the best deal.


3. Deliver.

UK Energy Partners undertook a full procurement process on behalf of Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, securing industry-leading lighting products whilst keeping the cost of installation highly competitive.

We then project managed the supply and installation of the lighting overhaul from start to finish, adopting the Government’s guidance on a ‘soft landings approach’ to provide added value for the client post-completion.

In total, the School’s cutting-edge new system results in:

·        A saving of nearly £23,000 each year

·        A verifiable project payback of less than 4.5 years

·        Reducing carbon emissions by nearly 72 tonnes per annum, a 55% improvement.

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