Challenge Cheap Coach Hire!

We hear it again and again from coach companies telling us that schools nearly always just choose the cheapest coach hire that they can, often without asking any questions on how it can be so cheap.

BUSK would urges schools to remember that they do have a legal duty of care to hire safe transport.  It is normally only possible for a coach company to offer consistently cheap quotes if they are cutting corners.  This can include insurance cover but more often than not it is because their fleet is badly maintained and not roadworthy.

To find out how to hire safely visit the film clip below:

Remember, the next time your school secretary gets the school that 'good deal', you get what you pay for and if its too good to be true, that is usually because it is!

All schools can ask simple things such as "can we catch sight of a copy of your Vehicle Defect Reporting system".  An operator not using one is a sure sign that they do not worry about passenger or even their driver's safety.

Bottom line....parents trust schools to get it right. If you are a head teacher or part of a governing body or management team at a school, feel free to contact BUSK for free information and advice.

BUSK runs the UK's first and only star rating for the coach industry based simply on safety and legal compliance. To check out transport operators in your area see the Benchmark page on our website. Each company listed with have been independently audited by BUSK to ensure they are reputable companies that take safety seriously.

BUSK works nationally to promote safe coach travel.


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