Childrens Mental Health

In June 2014, the DfE publicised non- statutory guidance clarifying the responsibility of schools and outlining the support that is needed for children and young people whose behaviour, and therefore their attainment may be related to unmet mental health needs.

Earlier this year, Nick Clegg's 'closing the Gap' document asserted that mental health should be responded to just as much as physical health and charged schools to show evidence that they have a coherent and successful policy and programme in place to meet the needs of all children and those with additional vulnerability.

Promoting Universal mental health is 'everybody's business'. Big Box Solutions is a whole school response to this agenda. Your Big Box contains Mental Health Standards for Schools- a set of performance indicators that are meshed with all 9 of Ofsted's Inspection areas. This is a whole school development programme. Two booklets of ad vice and guidance for Managers and Practical Solutions for Practitioners on Mental Health and Behaviour are included and are a direct response to recent government directives.

Your Big Box contains enough Mental Health Journals for a whole class. These therapeutic personal development books can be used individually or as interventions with small groups. They are available for KS 1, 2, 3 or 4 and build resilience by inviting the pupil to reflect on the components of core emotional strength. Written in an age appropriate style, and used over an academic year, these Journals are known to have been influential in building mental wealth.

And that's not all! To find out more, go to. or call 01706 817 248 With Big Box Solutions you will be well placed to feel confident that your school is congruent with the current direction of travel at a time when children and young people's mental health has never been so high on the agenda.

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