Cloud-based online payment, online booking, expenditure management, enrolment, consent management and communication services for education now accessible from mobiles, tablets and PCs anytime, anywhere

 WisePay, leading provider of cloud-based PCI-compliant1 online payment, enrolment, booking, expenditure, consent management and communication services for education, is launching new versions of all its solutions now featuring device specific interfaces for mobiles, tablets and PCs. Everything is designed to help users navigate to the feature they wish to access quickly and easily, anytime anywhere, and to provide students, parents and external customers with a smooth customer experience. 

The new software recognises the devices end users are employing to access WisePay's services and automatically present the information they need in the appropriate format. 

For example, students and parents accessing WisePay’s cashless catering service via a mobile or tablet can gain instant access to their meal balances. They can also log on to see the history of their purchases and top up their meal account quickly and easily.

From a school or college perspective, most importantly all services from WisePay are integrated, meaning that everything for their administration staff is in one place.  Therefore, no data is created twice, integrations with banks, financial and internal systems are automatic and reports can be created in real-time so ensuring administration staff can navigate the range of services quickly with the information that they need at their finger tips. Access rights are individual to each user based on their role and responsibilities.  Therefore, they can be set up to have permission to see only a single service or elements of each service that is relevant to them.

WisePay’s extensive portfolio of services include Trip Management and Payment Services;  Adult Education, Course Bookings and Enrolments Services; Exam Results and Payments;  Online Shops; Registration and School Fee Management Services;  Ticket and Event Payments; Sports and Facilities Bookings for schools and colleges keen to open up their premises to local fee-paying residents for revenue generation;  Conference Room Management Services; Travel/Parking Payment Services; Printer Credit Management and  Nursery and Creche Booking and Payment Services. Also on offer are Consent and Information Management Service; Expenditure and Cost Centre Management and Meal Management Services; Cashless Catering Top Ups and Free School Meals (FSMs); Book and Pay Menu Pre-Selection and School Meal Payments and FSM Management.

Solutions for Local Authorities and multi-site catering operators include WisePay's Central Wisdom Service. Parent Evening Booking Service simplifies the scheduling of meetings. WisePay Communications Hub (for Email and Texting) can be used effectively by staff for marketing, payment and balance alerts and school/college-home communications.

Commenting on the new solutions, Sarah Phillips, Managing Director, WisePay, said, “Our mission is to ensure the user experience for schools, colleges, parents and students is a good one and to ensure that all users can pinpoint the specific function in WisePay they want to access quickly anytime and anywhere via mobile, tablet or PC.”

Further information on WisePay can be found at Tel: 0845 899 0011

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