Colourful New Probes Fight Food Bacteria

Tough on bacteria – easy on the budget. That’s the concept behind a new colour coded temperature kit launched by UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME).

The CA2005 Catering Thermometer with unique colour coded dishwasher-proof probes offers a new, low cost method of eliminating bacterial cross-contamination during food temperature testing. TME will be showing off its new solution to a familiar food hygiene problem on 24-25th February at Casual Dining 2016 (London Business Centre) stand M335.

Why go to the expense and inconvenience of buying 5 colour coded thermometers when you only need one?


Why go to the expense and inconvenience of buying 5 colour coded thermometers when you only need one? That was the question TME designers asked when they came up with a cheaper and more hygienic solution: the CA2005, a single high performance thermometer with a choice of colour coded Thermasprint fast response needle probes, offering a high spec low cost method of temperature testing. Each probe is fitted with a thermocouple mini plug making it quick and easy to swap probes according to food group while using the same thermometer. Due to their unique waterproof construction, the probes are also dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning and sterilization.

Colour coded food preparation

Colour coded catering equipment - like chopping boards – is widely recommended to help prevent the spread of bacteria from one food group to another during food preparation. Over the years, chefs have also been encouraged to buy colour coded thermometers for the same reason. But at what cost?

MD Tom Sensier: “Buying a different thermometer for each food group can be hard on the budget, leading some chefs to sacrifice accuracy, speed of response and ease of cleaning in order to afford a full set of thermometers in different colours. At TME, we believe there should be a more practical solution that costs less while still adding value - that’s why we developed the CA2005 system.”

At a list price of £55 for the CA2005 thermometer, probes just £15 each and an unbeatable £117 for the CA2005-PK thermometer-and-5-probe-bundle, Tom Sensier believes the new system will revolutionise food hygiene in the commercial kitchen: “The CA2005 system is designed to bring high performance, food-safe thermometers within the grasp of all chefs, helping both individual restaurants and the bigger brands to drive costs down while keeping standards high.”


CA2005 Thermometer - Main Features

HACCP compliant with +/- 0.5°C accuracy         

IP67 Waterproof Case

LCD dual display and hold function                       

2 Year warranty plus Thermometer for Life repair/renewal pledge

CAP (W,R,B,Y,G) Probes – Main Features

Available in a choice of 5 colours                          

High grade stainless steel needles and waterproof handles


3 second Thermasprint response            

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