Competitive School Sport: Going The Extra Mile


Students in the state school system deserve the same opportunities to excel at competitive sport as those in the independent sector, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said today.

In the report Going the extra mile: excellence in competitive school sport, Ofsted finds that schools with high sporting standards have similarly high expectations in the classroom. Both help to cultivate an environment in which pupils excel.

Following the success of Team GB in the 2012 Olympics, Ofsted was keen to explore why so many winning athletes attended independent schools and examine the link between quality of competitive school sport and later sporting success.

The survey reveals unacceptable discrepancies between the proportion of pupils attending state schools and their representation in elite sport. For example, fewer than one in ten pupils across the country attend fee paying schools but they make up the majority of the players in the English Rugby Union premiership, and more than a third of players in top level cricket.

The survey finds that in the best schools, both independent and state, leaders recognise the benefits of competitive sport in building the school’s culture. They make sure that sport helps pupils to excel in the classroom and on the playing field.

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