Countrys Most Talented Teacher Announced

 Teachers are often seen as the backbone to society. They educate children in life skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. So, it’s only fair that they are recognised for all their hard work, patience, and continued efforts.

The Talented Teachers Competition was announced earlier this year, designed to give recognition to the thousands of teachers making a difference in schools up and down the country. Set to reward those who make learning a fun experience for kids, as well as those who fully engage active and often wondering young minds in a plethora of subjects, it aimed to ‘give back’ to those hard working and dedicated educational leaders throughout the country. And after a public vote, Talented Teachers is delighted to announce the winner – Rebecca Russell, of St Matthew’s RC High School in Moston, Manchester.

Gareth Thyer-Jones, Managing Director said, “We really value the incredible work that teachers do every single day, and are lucky enough to work with some of the best teachers and schools in the country. We all know that teaching is not easy, which is why we think that our competition is a great way to recognise and reward the brightest teachers out there that influence and guide our children. Designed to really showcase how incredible our often taken for granted teachers are, we hope it inspired teachers to continue the incredible work they do.”

Rebecca’s entry video showcased her utilising social media as a tool for revision. She created the ‘Revision Clock’ as well as setting up a Twitter profile specifically for teachers to share resources with one another. The caring teacher has also created school newsletters to ensure everyone is kept up to date with goings on, as well as taken more traditional and less technical paths by introducing ‘teaching and learning cue cards, which every member of staff has in the school and contain quick teaching strategies on that can be implemented in an instant.

Speaking about her win, Rebecca said, “This is my seventh year at St Matthews RC High School and through this time I have been afforded with excellent opportunities including; leading the subject of Geography and helping to co-ordinate effective teaching and learning across the school. The school has a very special reputation as a caring and helping community, one of which I’m very proud to have been a part of for this long.

“Winning the competition was such a surprise, I really didn’t think I had a chance! There are so many fantastic educators out there, I simply uploaded a video I made on my iPhone of me in my classroom and hoped for the best!”

The young teacher also gave judges a sneak peek of her classroom, which featured lots of inspiring learning boards, bright colours and snippets of information that the children can easily take on board.

The competition was launched by, a leading UK School and Local Authority recruitment site for teachers, leaders and education professionals, and was open to teachers of all levels. Whether teachers were early on in their careers and drawing on their own initiative, or experienced in the art of teaching and using their many years of expertise to perfect their methods, it was created with the sole purpose of rewarding the top of the teaching class with a whole host of prizes. The incredible prizes on offer included a £500 voucher for a dream holiday or a tech bundle of an iPad and iWatch. Rebecca also won an incredible £500 worth of resources for her school. is an online school jobs board, specifically for school and local authority listings. It brings together substantial experience in recruitment and education to help relevant candidates find and apply for jobs in schools, giving school recruiters access to a wealth of talent, expert services and cost efficiencies.

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