Course bookings and student enrolment made easy

 WisePay has launched a new 24/7 online Course Booking and Enrolment Service, designed to simplify the booking and payment processes for courses, to improve the student experience and reduce administration costs.

Designed for education providers offering short courses, evening classes or adult education, the flexible service enables colleges to promote their courses online with images, descriptions and payment details.  Admission forms can be tailored appropriately, with either simple contact details or an extensive application form covering relevant experience.

College administration staff can view all payments received by course type and see in real-time student registration numbers, helping them determine whether a course is viable to run at any point.

The Course Booking and Enrolment service fully integrates with the leading MIS systems as well as the WisePay platform, so all payment options a college could need are all available in one place. By linking to the WisePay Communications Hub, an emailing and texting service, it can also be used as a marketing tool - colleges can contact students when a new course becomes available or the registration deadline is approaching.

Exeter College is already benefiting from WisePay's Course Booking and Enrolment Service. The college uses the service for its external site Haven Banks, which runs outdoor education courses for existing students and the public. As well as promoting their courses, Haven Banks also needed to be able to list options for equipment hire, and special offers such as sibling discounts.

The WisePay service has enabled Exeter College to simplify the booking and payment process for Haven Banks customers and administration staff - all information is available on one online platform but tailored for each individual institution.

Sarah Phillips, Managing Director of WisePay, commented: “we designed this service to help colleges embrace the digital age in the way they process bookings, recruit students and market their courses. There are huge benefits to taking payment processes online, and we have made this service as flexible and user-friendly as possible to help colleges take advantage of them.”


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