Covered Courts Served Twice

CopriSystems’ covered courts can have a varied and dynamic life, specifically that of a two court structure originally installed 15 years ago for a club that has now, unfortunately, closed down due to the site being redeveloped for housing.  

CopriSystems frames are manufactured using hot-dip galvanised high tensile steel to protect from corrosion and can last indefinitely.  The dome frames are covered with a single piece of PVC-coated polyester fabric that is self-extinguishing, resistant to abrasions and UV damage.  This material is stretched over the structure to create a seamless roof and is designed to last for more than 20 years. 

Rather than allow this structure to be scrapped CopriSystems contacted Peterborough Town Tennis Club to offer a cost effective solution to their dilemma.   Peterborough had two tennis clubs at separate sites and it was a long term objective to sell one site for development in order to carry out necessary improvements to the other.  The economic downturn put pressure on the whole process and left Peterborough Town Tennis Club with a very tight budget.  

Since completion of the installation of the courts, with new playing surfaces in late 2016, the club has quickly gone from strength to strength.  The stylish new courts have created a demand and shown the popularity of the sport in their area.  Membership has gone up 600% and there are now currently five coaches employed and further plans to extend and improve the club in the near future.  The growing measurable success of the club may now increase the clubs opportunities to attract further investment from the Lawn Tennis Association.

CopriSystems’ Rafe Colenso says “It was great to be able to reuse a sports dome which was just going to be demolished and effectively sent for scrap, but also to revitalise a structure that my father installed when I was 19 years old!  It has given a whole new lease of life to a sports club and in an area that greatly needed it due to the lack of local covered sporting facilities.”


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