Dashboard helps schools pinpoint underperforming GCSE pupils in each subject

Schools can now track the progress of individual pupils in each subject at the touch of a button.

Education data specialists FFT have launched their school subject dashboard as part of its data tool for schools and local authorities - FFT Aspire.

Dashboard data allows subject leaders to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, helping them to boost future GCSE results and prepare for Ofsted inspections.

Teachers can log on and find out more about results, pupil progress and subject performance, as well as comparing the progress of their cohorts to others across the country.

Paul Charman, managing director of FFT, says: “Our new subject dashboard means that subject leaders can really drill down and identify both underperforming children and pupil groups, as well as those doing well, all at the touch of a button.”

He adds: “Schools can use data to identify weaknesses in order to help the following year’s cohort get better grades as part of their department’s long term improvement plan.”


For more information on FFT visit www.fft.org.uk 

About FFT

FFT is a non-profit company established in 2001 with links to the Fischer Family Trust. We are solely focused on providing accurate and insightful information to schools which enables pupils achieve their full potential and schools to improve. We have been processing the National Pupil Database for the Department for Education since 2004 and providing analyses to all schools and local authorities in England and Wales for over for 10 years.

For more information visit www.fft.org.uk  Follow FFT on Twitter @FFTEdu

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