Deb and Handz Campaign Join Forces to Make Hands Matter in Schools

Deb Group has teamed up with the Handz campaign to help educate primary school and nursery children on the importance of hand hygiene.

The Handz campaign was founded by Andrea Jenkyns, MP for Morley and Outwood, having tragically lost her father to the superbug MRSA in November 2011. As a result, Jenkyns established the Handz campaign as a means to raise awareness and educate the younger generation on how simple hand hygiene techniques can make a real difference in the prevention of infections and illnesses.

The campaign focuses on encouraging every MP in the United Kingdom to take the lead on this global issue by engaging with their local primary schools to spread the message. In doing so, MPs supporting the Handz campaign will receive support from Deb Group – a leading innovator and supplier of skin care products and hand sanitising solutions.

“Good hand hygiene is key to ensuring patient safety and stopping the spread of preventable illnesses,” said Andrea Jenkyns. “This is a problem that needs to be tackled, and I’m very excited that this campaign will be taking a lead on such an important issue.”

“We have seen great support for Handz so far from fellow MPs, and the support of organisations such as our sponsor, Deb Group, is invaluable in making the message resonate, particularly with the younger audience,” she added. “By capturing their attention at a young age, we can inspire future generations to develop a lifelong routine of good hand hygiene practices and all but eradicate the risk of avoidable infections.”

As part of its involvement, Deb has organised initiatives to help deliver a lasting impression of the Handz campaign’s message in schools. Schools will have the opportunity to arrange for a local MP to visit their premises and speak about hand hygiene, and will be able to get the children involved through the ‘Make It Your Own’ design-a-dispenser competition.

Children will be asked to put their creative dispenser cover ideas down on paper with the winning entry appearing in the school on bespoke Deb washroom dispensers.

The competition is open to all primary schools that sign up for the campaign and the deadline for entries is 31st March 2016.

The dispensers the children will be designing come from Deb’s range of sealed cartridge systems, which are more hygienic than conventional ‘pour in’ soap dispensers because they seal the outdoor environment out and prevent bacteria and germs from breeding inside the dispenser.

In addition to this, Deb and Handz also offer a range of resources to ensure the importance of hand hygiene continues to be communicated to children

in the long term. These resources include light-hearted posters, pupil presentations and supporting materials for teachers.

“Correct hand hygiene practice is the most effective and efficient way to reduce the spread of harmful infections,” said Bryan Anderson, CEO of Deb Group. “Deb Group has long been involved in efforts to reduce the threat of infections, in partnership with organisations such as the World Health Organisation, and we are delighted to be working alongside Andrea Jenkyns MP to bring this issue to the attention of parliamentarians and the public.”

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