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Presenting information in digital form is now a vital part of promoting your educational establishment to prospective parents, governors and other stakeholders.

Your website is obviously of paramount importance in creating the right impression. With the recent Department of Education mandatory information to be made available there is a whole host of information that is required to be accessible.

The traditional method of displaying this information is via a simple PDF download or allowing print options.

Proving more and more popular now are far more sophisticated options. These include methods of displaying key information, whether it’s a glossy school prospectus or a Key Stage 2 report.

 Tablish is a Bournemouth-based company that specialises in the most up to date online digital viewing solutions.

One option is to create a PDF ‘page turning’ facility that allows your publication to be read on-line. This provides a slick viewing experience, presenting all types of data neatly on screen in an easy to read format.

Alternatively, for a more mobile solution, which is becoming increasingly popular, the ability to turn any PDF into an app for iPads, Android tablets or Kindle Fire devices using specialist conversion software.

Apps can be downloaded easily from the relevant app store to reader devices and then accessed (off-line) whenever needed.

In both cases, new digital features can be added for greater impact with viewers, such as video clips and interactive links. A floor plan of the school, or maybe a tour of the grounds and facilities.  You could even get some of your pupils to come up with design ideas!

Tablish provide full support throughout, so there are no technical matters to worry about and the process of creating your new digital publications is fast and effective.

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