DofE Qualifications Are Fantastic For a Student's CV But Is The Experience Fantastic For Them... It should Be!

 DofE Qualifications Are Fantastic For a Student's CV But Is The Experience Fantastic For Them... It should Be!

 Now in it's 60th Year the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme is more popular than ever with the high majority of secondary schools offering at the very least the Bronze Award for 14 year old's and above and many the additional Silver and Gold Awards

 There is clearly no doubt that employers and Universities see the attainment of these awards in a very positive light in fact the Gold Award contributes 70 UCAS points towards a student's Universities entry points.

 Peter Westgarth, Chief Executive of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, said...


We want every UK employer to understand the value of a DofE Award on an applicant’s CV and look out for young recruits with a DofE Award because they value the experience it represents and recognise that the young person’s efforts makes them a great employee, whatever the job.”


This comes alongside the endorsement of 100 Top UK Companies...


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) has been endorsed by over 100 top UK employers, as diverse as Burberry to B&Q, as equipping young people with work-ready skills such as team working, resilience, communication and drive.

    With 85% of employers saying they prioritise character and attitude over academic results a DofE Award enables young people to showcase these aptitudes when applying for jobs.


However when looking at the achievement overall it's slightly sad to see that the number of Gold Award achievers is at about 12% of those that achieved the Bronze Award.

So how can we make this better. Whilst there are four elements to the overall award, the Expedition is very much a pivotal point of the overall experience. And if we can make this better for the students then maybe more would go on to attain Silver and Gold.

Here are some candid observations on Twitter from DofE Participants (bad swear words replaced)


Trying reeeeally hard to appreciate the view but being blinded by the pain #DofEproblems


All this...for a flipping certificate? #DofEproblems


Walking into the campsite to find the teachers have the flipping Buckingham Palace of tents #DofEproblems


Being terrified to take your boots off at the end because you're genuinely convinced you've broken your feet #DofEproblems


Feeling like an absolute idiot for ever saying that you were looking forward to this s##t #DofEproblems


It would be easier piggy backing a friend for 10K than carrying the sodding bags #DofEproblems


Making it look like you can read a map but it might as well be in Arabic #DofEproblems

People who look like they're on a photo shoot whilst you look like a well-equipped tramp #DofEproblems

Tongue in cheek I know but many of the issues can be solved by supplying the right kit and showing the students how to use it correctly.


On my sons recent Silver practice expedition one of his mates wore trainers, got soaked, got very cold and went home day two. And of course the assessor should have picked this up as the DofE 20 Conditions Number 5 clearly states 'All participants must be properly equipped.' But we do know that parents are often reluctant to spend hundreds of pounds on kit that they may never use again and will almost certainly grow out of.

We hire out quality DofE recommended Tents and Gear and importantly advise how to best use the kit effectively. For example the Vango Sherpa Rucksack has fully adjustable settings to allow for the height of the student. When fitted correctly the weight of the pack will be born by the more powerful hips and not the shoulders this makes carrying a heavy weight a far less arduous task especially for a small teenager.

We offer advice and practical tips on avoiding blisters and keeping your kit dry and many other pointers that will help students enjoy and hopefully relish the experience.

These are all things that compliment the correct kit and make for a far more enjoyable expedition and maybe just maybe encourage the student to the next level.

We all know that being warm, dry and well fed especially under canvass will make for a far better experience for student's who could be experiencing their first foray into the great outdoors.

This is what Alison Warren DofE Coordinator at Stonyhurst College says about our service...


The hire service provided by Muddy Boots Tent & Kit Hire and the super quality of the items that were hired, made the job of making sure our pupils were properly equipped, for what turned out to be a very wet October expedition, extremely easy.

The service provided, in my opinion was, excellent, professional, and so simple, from the first enquiry all the way through to the return of the items after the expedition.

I look forward to dealing with Mike and Barbara at Muddy Boots again for all our future expeditions.


If you want all of your students to be kitted out to the right standard at a fraction of the retail cost please contact us – We are currently speaking with schools about DofE expeditions for next year April 2017 onwards.

You can learn more about our DofE Kit Hire Service Here

Muddy Boots Tent & Kit Hire

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