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Education Magazine offers a comprehensive and powerful school email service.

We will send your email for the following costs: This is for the full list; discounts are available for part use of a list.
A cycle is 2 sends of a email a week apart: 
  • One cycle: £750.  A cycle is 2 sends of the same email a week apart: 
  • Two cycles £700 each. 
  • Three cycles £650 each. 
  • Four cycles £600 each. 
  • Five cycles £550 each. (All + VAT).
  • Multiple discounts only apply when they are booked as a package. (A 'cycle' is 2 sends of the same email a week apart)
  • Invoicing: payment is due 30 days from placing the order. Subsequent cycles are due 30 days from the email being sent.
  • We will provide figures of total emails sent and total opened. We will also provide click through data on a .csv file, which will include (Where available) School, phone no, email, Head, Address, Postcode.
Get started by emailing me: or call 01234 348878 option 6.
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The feedback on these packages is excellent.
"I agree with your approach and will prepare a new email as you suggest. Just so you know we've had a good response from the 1st mail going out which has led to many positive leads!" and "Excellent thanks Steve - we've already had requests for demos so great stuff!" Mike Glanville, Director, One Team Logic.
"I had schools sign up for my guide on the day the email went out." Philip West, Continuity West.
For more information please email me: or call 01234 348878 option 6.


For more information please email me: or call 01234 348878 option 6.
Steve Mitchell.
Publisher, Education Magazine,
Review Magazines Ltd.
Tel 01234 348878 option 6

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Dull administrative details:
Although we describe an email list as 'yours' at no time will you be provided with it in its entirety, you will be only provided with full details of schools that 'click through'.
Please note that this offer is not the same as the free email offer that's made as part of a published package of advertising in Education Magazine.