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Oxford University Estates needed a solution to protect the chillers at the Weston Library (formerly the New Bodleian Li-brary) from the damage created by overhanging branches.

Alongside the library is an old oak tree. Leaves and twigs dropped onto the plant compound roof and into the chiller plant room which contained three Uniflair chillers.

Maintaining a temperature controlled facility is important for the library and these chillers are crucial to the maintenance of HVAC control.

There were a number of issues but the most serious was the potential damage to condenser fans and the falling leaves.

Wet leaves are slippery and when twigs are hit by the fan blades the resulting shards could cause a great deal of damage.


The RABScreen is efficient and it is it the perfect air intake filter to protect HVAC equipment. But we needed to protect the discharge side and decided to cover the entire louvred roof with a 22m x 3.5m filter.

The airflow generates a static charge enabling the filter to collect all seeds, pollen, leaves and twigs dropping from the tree. Installation was completed using a double articulated boom lift and cordless power tools to fix the filter on all four sides.

Now, when the wind blows, all of the debris will be cleared from the roof whilst the filter keeps it out of the plant compound.

And we even swept the plant compound floor clean before we left site.

Another case of doing just that little bit more for our customers.

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