Children from The Old Fire Station’s Nursery – which looks after children from aged one to four – were paid a visit from the Kiddiwash Craft Crew and were tasked with drawing their sparkling, clean hands, for a chance for to win a child friendly handwashing unit for their nursery.

Following the craft session, where the children used coloured pens and pencils, crayons, beads, feathers and glitter, the Kiddiwash Craft Crew introduced the nursery to TEAL’s Kiddiwash Xtra unit as Shebi Begum, nursery manager at The Old Fire Station Nursery, says: “Like most children, it can sometimes be difficult to get our pupils to wash their hands regularly.  When the children were introduced to the ‘special sink’ - the portable, brightly coloured, fun, Kiddiwash Xtra unit – the children were so excited to wash their hands clean.

“Raising the issue of the importance of hand hygiene in nurseries is a top priority for us. Being able to provide a hand washing facility, like TEAL’s Kiddiwash Xtra, that children are happy and excited to use is vital.”


 TEAL understands the challenges faced by nursery staff to ensure sticky, little fingers are kept clean which is why it is launching the Kiddiwash Clean Hands competition, to provide a helping hand and raise awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene.

The top five entries will win a Kiddiwash Xtra – a portable, warm water, hand washing basin which requires no access to mains water or drainage that can be moved around easily, inside or out, whenever and wherever it is needed.  The competition winners will be announced on the 20th June via Facebook and Twitter and will be contacted directly. 

For more information or to download an entry pack which includes entry form, competition presentation, competition details and terms and conditions visit the Kiddiwash website:

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