Fast-paced intensive results-based interventions help thousands of students move from GCSE Grade D to C and gain employability skills

Immersive interventions from training providers PET-Xi, guaranteed to move Grade D students up to Grade C in English and maths, are receiving the thumbs up from teachers nationwide following the government’s decision that all students must leave education with a C-grade in these two core subjects - and that from 2015 only the result of a first exam entry will count in a school’s performance tables.

In the past year alone, PET-Xi, experts in high impact motivational programmes, has teamed up with 300 schools around the country, delivering 750 programmes to over 14,500 young people. Its five-day booster course GCSE High-5 is a boot-camp style revision intervention programme designed to take students from a Grade D to a Grade C and comes with a money-back guarantee.

“Our High-5 courses are popular as a proven, highly effective tool in a teacher’s kit for foundation and higher students,” said PET-Xi joint managing director Fleur Sexton. “Failure to achieve a C at Maths and English at Year 11 immediately limits a young person’s choices and future potential.

The key to our success is bringing together and building on the excellent work carried out by teachers in years 7-11. Our highly trained staff instil self-belief – getting each child to believe that a grade C is within their grasp. We operate a very high staff/child ratio, focusing sharply on confidence building, exam technique and on manipulation of essential exam material. The course is highly structured, the pace is fast and expectation is high.”


The highly-skilled PET-Xi team typically comprises four staff who split the role of the class teacher into three elements - a lead motivator, a subject expert and two other team members who nurture the students, acting as their ‘champions’ by monitoring the mood of the group, helping the lead to keep every single student on track and fully engaged and checking students are truly understanding the session.  Every day begins and ends with a confidence test on a particular topic and homework is set daily. The success of this approach has been proven time after time with thousands of students across the UK.

The attainment of C/D borderline students is particularly compelling at the moment because their performance will impact on the forthcoming Progress 8 and Attainment 8 school performance tables when only the grade from the first exam taken will be taken into consideration in school league table rankings– regardless of any better marks achieved in subsequent attempts. 

Established in 1995, PET-Xi provides intensive, immersive, results-based interventions that have a positive impact on learner progress from primary to GCSEs, delivering a portfolio of nationally recognised qualifications and engagement programmes. Alongside High-5, other popular courses include ‘Employability’  – a five-day GCSE equivalent qualification, Wider Skills, Vocational and various bespoke transition programmes – all based on a tried and tested model that can be adapted to any exam board, specification or tier. Everything delivered is strengthened with Assessment for Learning techniques recognised as good practice by Ofsted and based on its ‘outstanding’ criteria. Each programme is carefully structured to achieve optimum learning and all programmes deliver better value and results than one to one revision.

There are also Life Skills and Work Skills courses to help young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs) and those at Risk Of NEET Indicators (RONIs).

We are the experts in high-impact motivation, delivering confidence and results time and time again,’ said Fleur. “Working in partnership with schools, we help young people achieve their full potential and reach their chosen destinations, as well as raising school performance in the league tables.”

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