Framework offers primary schools a ‘Fantastict’ head start with new Computing Curriculum

With the new Computing Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 set to come into force from September 2014, it’s understandable that teachers are keen to ensure they are prepared for the changes ahead.                   

What they may not be aware of is that they are just a few clicks away from a framework document providing expert guidance on how to meet the new demands being set. Leading provider of educational ICT support and training services Fantastict – which has been helping schools across the country use their classroom technology to its full potential since 2007 - masterminded the document, as Education Director Joe Basketts explains:

“Working so closely with schools we see firsthand the pressure they are under – and the new Computing Curriculum is really bringing this to a head. Our Primary Computing Curriculum Framework has been designed to help take the pressure off – we’ve done the legwork and identified what schools really need to be doing in order to meet the new benchmarks. The framework condenses this into a single, user-friendly document so that school leaders and teachers can focus on implementing changes rather than worrying about what’s required.

“A growing number of schools are taking advantage of this opportunity and the feedback has been great. Generally, schools are realising that there’s not so much to worry about in the new Computing Curriculum and the document is doing what we intended and helping educators “see the wood for the trees” so they can concentrate on what they do best; teaching it!”

In addition to offering an introduction to the new Computing Curriculum and what it means in practical terms, the framework includes a range of activities to teach the new programme of study from Reception to Year 6, with a clear progression of skills and teacher record sheets alongside suggested software and online resources referenced throughout the document. Schools purchasing the Framework will also have access to an online resource and community site for teachers, which is continually updated with new materials and ideas.

The Fantastict Primary Computing Curriculum Framework is available to download as a stand-alone package for just £275; or can be procured as part of a comprehensive 12 month ‘A-Three’ package of support and consultancy aimed at helping schools to develop and implement a long-term strategy for improvement.

Fantastict is offering a 10% discount on Primary Computing Curriculum Frameworks purchased by Monday 30th July 2014 – simply use the code FRAPR14 at checkout. To take advantage of this offer or to find out more visit or call 0800 030 5241.


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