From 'A' GCSE To Stardom!


The nations 15 to 16 year olds will be waiting with bated breath throughout this week to find out what the next stage of their futures will be – the planned route or time to adlib. For one talented Oldham girl her opportunities have already expanded days before the infamous envelope opening.
For GCSE music, you have to write 2 pieces, the first piece Naomi Higginson wrote was in the classical genre; the second piece was music in popular culture. As with many creative individuals she found herself completely involved with the initial part of the assessment – focusing on developing the classical piece to her own particular standards. However, this left very little time to complete her popular culture instalment.
As Naomi had spent so much time perfecting the classical piece, she had to resort to an idea she had being developing outside of the GCSE context, called “With You” and discussed it with her music teacher, Miss Shapey. Naomi played the song for her teacher on the piano whilst other pupils came into the classroom. The pupils were amazed by how good the song was and the teacher thought so too. "I thought it was really good", said Emma McNamara a fellow pupil at the school. This was echoed by another pupil Sophie Mycock. This initial reaction was blown out of the water when they discovered it was Naomi’s own composition and not one she was covering from an established artist.
Miss Shapey asked Caleidra if she could bring a recorded version into school for assessment. That night, Naomi recorded the song at home onto CD and brought it to school the next day. Miss Shapey listened to the song and thought it was fantastic and wanted to submit this as part of her GCSE music. "When I heard this song I couldn't believe it was the work of a Year 11 pupil - it was better than some of the songs on the radio". Miss Shapey then submitted this as part of Caleidra’s GCSE coursework submission.
Though Naomi has enjoyed previous recognition, winning the Junior Music Cup for the best overall musician at Oldham Grammar School, “With You” looks set to become her crowning glory to her GCSE studies within a school that boasts past students Brian Cox (physicist & TV presenter) and John Stapleton (Journalist & TV presenter). An uplifting work that combines her strong, mature vocals with both electric and orchestral blend of instruments “With You” is set for general release to coincide with the release of the GCSE results – sure sounding to become the anthem unanimous with the next generation’s pool of talented individuals on the cusp of making their own mark within the UK.
“With You” will be released via Nova Distribution, 26th August under Naomi’s stage name Caleidra.

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