Classroom Medics, based in Wolverhampton, took The Accelerator (it enables you to race a virtual Usain Bolt or Mo Farah and see how far behind them you would finish in a real race, plus what your peak running speed is?)
to the London studios of Sky Sports popular Saturday morning show Game Changers which is all about inspiring kids to get active, have fun and learn new sports skills.
Broadcast in front of a live studio audience of young people, its presented by Olympic relay gold medallist Darren Campbell and former Sky Sports golf presenter Di Dougherty and with the help of another British sprinting great in Christian Malcolm, they used The Accelerator to demonstrate the benefits of sprint training and how to get started.
Darren Campbell says: When I first saw The Accelerator I instantly thought, wow, and knew it would be a big hit on the show and so it proved to be. Classroom Medics founder Tom Warrender explains: Its been a brilliant experience and very good for our profile and business. We set up in the same studio as Soccer AM and when you consider the show is only an hour long and we featured three times (including a Sky Sports News feed) for a total of 15 minutes, thats brilliant exposure.

The Accelerator is a fun and interactive way of showing the role science plays in helping athletes perform at their best and a Game Changers producer said its one of the best Super Skills pieces theyve ever done. They shop and also physiology demonstrations, as thats my background and specialism.

The Accelerator can test for sprint time over 10m (and other distances), speed (mph or kph), plus horsepower and brake horse power - as well as showing people where they would finish if taking part in Usain Bolt's 100m World Record Race. It's a 10-20m strip of LED lights that light up in sequence at the speed that Usain Bolt runs - you sprint after the lights.

Christian Malcolm says: The Accelerator really is a great bit of equipment, something I wish I had when I was younger. It gives you a chance to test your speed against world class sprinters and gives you a gauge on how much you need to improve. Top sprinters use blocks but we used a standing start to show how football, tennis, cricket and rugby players practice to become quick off the mark, but The Accelerator can be applied to training for most sports really - the possibilities are endless.

 Darren Campbell adds: We used it to demonstrate reaction times and acceleration and then Christian also used it to show how things like a high knee drill and relaxation equals top speed. Thats Usain Bolts biggest strength because whilst hes not the best over the first 10 metres, his last 40 metres is unbelievable.

Classroom Medics specialise in exciting, hands on workshops that bring real sports science and medical equipment into the classroom. They seek to engage the next generation of athletes and healthcare scientists, as well as help youngsters make more informed decisions about their career aspirations and lifestyle choices. Founded just four years ago, they have since visited over 500 schools in the UK and have also been part of BBC events like the Blue Peter Olympic Torch Relay Tour, The One Show Roadshow and the Big Bang Fair -, as well as major sporting events like England ODI Cricket matches and The Great North Run.

Visit http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/

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