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Storage lockers are a common sight across schools and colleges, providing a simple and effective place for students and teachers to store personal possessions. In the past schools have typically opted for steel lockers, however in recent years more and more establishments are choosing plastic as an alternative. This is due to the benefits that plastic lockers provide over steel lockers, meaning in many circumstances a plastic locker can be a more cost effective and practical long term solution.

G-Force Europe recently launched the new Supertuff plastic locker which is ideally suited for use in schools and colleges. As the name suggests, the Supertuff range of plastic lockers are incredibly robust and able to withstand use in challenging conditions. With an aesthetically pleasing design, these stylish lockers have a smart contemporary appearance and can be supplied in a choice of colours to brighten up or fit in with any environment. The Supertuff plastic lockers offer a number of benefits over more traditional steel lockers, such as greater durability, noise reduction and the ability for them to be used in outdoor areas. Plastic is a non-corrosive and water resistant material, this enables plastic lockers to be used in wet or damp areas without any fear of rust or corrosion. For this reason, more and more schools are setting up locker storage in outdoor areas where plastic lockers are able to withstand exposure to the elements. This is a great solution for facilities where general storage space is becoming tight, by enabling the use of available out door space. Typically schools will set up the lockers under fixed covers or shelters to provide some shelter for students when accessing their locker.

The fact that the Supertuff plastic lockers are water resistant also means they are simple to clean and can be washed down if required. Most steel lockers can only be used in indoor areas as they would soon corrode if exposed to wet or damp conditions. The moulded nature of the Supertuff locker makes them incredibly robust and resistant to every day bumps as well as heavy impacts. This avoids the problem of doors getting dented which can prevent normal operation. Plastic lockers will not dent and are able to withstand heavy impacts.

Although plastic lockers are very robust they are actually lighter and quieter to operate than steel lockers, reducing noise levels in busy locker areas. For more details of the Supertuff plastic locker see http://www.gforceeurope.com/lockers-and-cloakroom/plastic-lockers.html

Sold as individual compartments, the lockers can be combined to suit any area with discounts available for bulk orders. As well as storage lockers G-Force offer a wide range of workplace equipment which is ideally suited for use across the education sector. Their extensive product portfolio includes litter bins, grit bins, cycle storage, school furniture and general storage products. For more details or to request a product catalogue visit the G-Force website or contact them using the contact details below: G-Force Europe 01933 224 392 www.gforceeurope.com

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