Get Cooking in the primary Classroom

You may feel you have no or few appropriate facilities to implement cooking in the classroom, but it is easy to comply with the new 2014 Cooking curriculum with just some simple, basic equipment.

Pick up top tips for covering the curriculum and making the most of the resources you have available from Get Cooking in the Classroom, a new book by Sally Brown and Kate Morris (available for September).

Sally and Kate are established Children's Cooking Consultants who are passionate about getting children cooking and have advised councils, cooking equipment companies and even created the I Can Cook series for CBeebies in their efforts to excite children about trying new foods.

“Lack of facilities can be a huge barrier for teachers wishing to undertake cooking activities so we have created healthy recipes using minimum equipment and simple ingredients. Some recipes don’t require heat at all”, explains Sally Brown.

Sally and Kate have over 11 years experience teaching children from as young as 2 to cook at their cook school in Buckinghamshire and at several Buckinghamshire schools. This expertise along with an in depth understanding of the new curriculum for cooking means they been able to specially create the recipes in their new book Get Cooking in the Classroom to help you easily deliver the curriculum and support your school as you work to comply with The School Food Plan.

  •  Featuring Design and Make projects within the appropriate key stage. These tried and tested recipes will help you meet inspection requirements
  • Each of the 15 photocopiable recipes includes suggestions to increase or reduce food skill levels
  • Use the simple cross curriculum links to extend the learning opportunities within D&T and beyond
  • Straightforward approach for developing safe food handling skills
  • Easy to find, inexpensive ingredients to suit budget and pupil restrictions (eg allergies)
  • Includes step-by-step pictiures with clear instructions giving children independence
  • Ingredients and the minmum equipment required are clearly listed so you can be fully prepared before starting
  • Target skills and new vocabulary introduced is highlighted for each recipe to help you choose the best for your class

Find out how easy it is to make Saucy Fish Pie in the classroom by downloading the recipe from our website.

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