Global Caring Ethics by Mr Jim Phillips

 Caring Genes.

Our caring-for-others lies within us, the very day we are born !
From Mother Caring Love, it enters Children's hearts and minds, thence to Teenagers, thence to Adults. 
It "comes-to-life" when we help an old person to cross the road !
The Quest
Let us  excite our caring genes into super activity as never before envisaged ! 
No longer is it acceptable to ignore the plight and miseries of fellow humans across the world !   Coming to their rescue is a human inspired priority !   
The route to the Quest
Inspiring creative ideas to make Global Caring Ethics prosper is becoming a priority at every level of human society.  The United Nations need to be more vibrant in bringing us truly together, ensuring the tribes of the world solve their differences peacefully along with Interfaith Harmony.
Peace Education is overdue ! The potential to excite empathy within the hearts and minds of young people is very real. Note how the fulfilling urge to help others is reflected in the scores of students in their gap years volunteering to help overseas. 
Their enthusiasm points to huge untapped sources for  a caring peaceful world!
Global Caring Vision
Let Peace, Harmony and Happiness be a realistic vision for every human family, even in remotest places on planet earth!  This is not a fantasy ..It is a challenge !
Special Note
To all  like-minds and hearts in tune with the above declaration, PLUS thousands of good people taking different routes to shaping a happier world, let us act together !
                                We shall get there !     > G O L D 

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