Hallfield Children Set Up Positive Playground Campaign With New Equipment

Over Easter, the school’s estates team worked hard to ensure that the new adventure playground was constructed and fit for purpose in time for the children’s return.

Mrs Kirby, Head of Pastoral Care at Hallfield School, said: “The construction took slightly longer than anticipated but when the children finally got their hands on the playground they really enjoyed it.”

With a 2015 study by Playforce indicating that an investment in school playgrounds increases children’s physical activity and improved behaviour, management at Hallfield decided it was the perfect time to bring in the new equipment to teach them some valuable life lessons.

48 per cent of schools who took part in the survey said improving facilities significantly increased activity levels. 43 per cent said children’s behaviour had improved, while 36 per cent were impressed by the increased positive attitudes towards learning.

Mrs Kirby started planning for the new playground with a school council meeting to discuss the children running their own ‘positive playground campaign’ with the new equipment.

The school council then worked together to design their perfect playground, with the idea of creating different zones for different activities.

Hallfield’s new adventure playground now consists of a bird nest swing, a triple tower multi-unit, track ride tower (zip line), turning bars, a double climbing structure and two spicas.

Mrs Kirby said: “A new playground was well overdue. The children work so hard in the classroom it was about time we improved their outdoor apparatus too.

“We put the ‘positive playground campaign’ into practice  so the children would increase their physical activity levels, play together nicely, work in teams, and learn to be patient and use their initiative.

“We have even drawn up a rota of playground helpers where each pupil gets a chance to actively help those who need it at break times. 

“In addition to the adventure playground, we will be adding a quiet zone with a sensory garden and a sports activity zone over the Summer holidays to balance out what we have on offer at break times.”



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