Have a financial health check

The financial health of schools and trusts has never been of more importance than it is today.

Schools have been recently granted a reprieve from the National Funding formula but most Heads, Business managers and bursars know that this could be a temporary measure. In the last decade the education sector has changed dramatically and many are wondering if that change is positive and where the sector is heading in the future.

What is certain?

At Campion we believe that robust scrutiny and accountability are the key factors in financial stability. Balancing budgets and forward planning are a certainty that cannot be ignored.

We take pride in the financial help and support that we offer to schools and trusts and are proud to be included if the DfE preferred supplier list for financial health checks.

We offer three levels of service that are tailored to the specific school after careful analysis of their needs.

  1. Review - A short financial health check of the school or trust’s position to test if systems skills and procedures could be improved upon and to aid longer term capacity development.
  2. Investigate - To address specific issues identified by schools and trusts, and to manage financial pressures effectively whilst maintaining or improving educational standards.
  3. Resolve - In depth support to plan and deliver change for schools or trusts in financial difficulty.
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