Hot meals guaranteed for Ramadan

BGL Rieber’s Thermoport 10 individual meal boxes meet the demand created by Ramadan.

Prior to using Thermoports, the issue of serving a meal during Ramadan was solved by serving up sandwich based meals or hot soups or stews in vacuum flasks. Both methods require extra labour and supervision.

Rieber’s Thermoport 10 insulated food containers keep a meal hot for more than four hours. The boxes are filled during the usual meal service and collected by prisoners. No extra labour is required and prisoners get a hot meal when they are ready.

Catering Manager HMP Garth: “They are brilliant. We were recommended other boxes by the prison service but Rieber’s are better. We carried out a test starting at 86degC. Four hours later, they were at 78degC. The catering staff are happy and the Imam and prisoners have given rapturous applause.”

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