Game-based learning offers many benefits such as increased level of engagement and positive student attitude towards learning. The advantages of games make them a valuable ally of teachers in the classroom and tool for achieving better results.

We would like to present you Jumpido - an exciting series of educational games for primary school. It combines physical exercises with Math problems to transform learning into a truly enjoyable experience. Jumpido is based on Kinect for Windows sensor and addresses some important challenges of modern primary education such as:

-        - Children are full of energy but they spend long hours sitting in school

-    - Students like to play with their peers but most of their exercises are individual

-       - Some of the projects that are given to children are not suitable for their level

Jumpido successfully overcame these challenges. Using Kinect, the software recognizes the body gestures of the students and allows them to exercise while practicing math. Moreover, children can compete and collaborate to reach a common goal.

One of the best features of Jumpido is the adaptive content. Thus, correct answers lead to tougher questions and vice versa. That makes the games suitable for any child because they adapt for the level of each player.

If you would like to get more information or request a free demo please visit our website:


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