Lancashire Business Owner Urges Schools To Upgrade Computers To SSDs

A Lancashire business owner is urging all schools to ensure their computer hard drives are properly upgraded to future proof their computers or face the impending risks.

Leigh Cowell, Owner of SweetCow Ltd, parent company of,

has issued a stark warning to all educational establishments of the dangers caused by not upgrading traditional hard drives with SSD Solid State Drives.


An independent, UK authorised re-seller of Kingston products said: “Upgrading to SSDs, reduces the risk of exposure to failure rates hugely compared to sticking with a traditional HDD, that do eventually wear out.


"Whether you work in a primary school, college or university, it’s vital your computer’s storage capacity is fully optimised and safeguarded to protect both your staff and student’s work.”


Research has shown the lifespan of traditional hard drives is somewhere on average between 24 and 36 months and accelerated dramatically when the age of these traditional HDDs reaches 4 years.


Hard drives now have a standard warranty of only 12 months compared to that of an SSD which has a minimum warranty period of 3 years. And failures in the first year are primarily caused by manufacturing defects with drives breaking down over time.


Mr Cowell further added: “SSDs are the lightning fast new replacements for the traditional HDDs bringing more reliability to the workplace environment. The last thing any establishment wants is for its backup database to collapse suddenly and lose valuable, data-protected work. Make sure the network’s computer memory is adequately upgraded with large enough storage or your technology is at jeopardy.”

SSDs have many benefits over the traditional hard drives in that they’re constructed from NAND flash so there are no moving parts making them less likely to fail.


What’s more, they considerably decrease boot up times making your computer start much faster, they run cooler and they can be supplied with a cloning kit so you don’t need to worry about transferring data from the old hard drive. It’s a truly DIY installation.



Too many consumers  think they need to replace their computer as it slows down over the years but this isn’t always the case. By adding in some new RAM and an SSD and you will notice a huge difference.


The recommended size for hard drives in educational establishments range from 120GB to 960GB in desktop computers and laptops. Visit today for all your Kingston SSD upgrades.


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