Lincat adds ribbed plate models to Opus 700 clam griddle range


Three new clam griddles, with ribbed upper plates, have been added to Lincat’s Opus 700 range of prime cooking equipment. In line with the existing models, the new clam griddles will offer speed, but will also bring an attractive branded finish to food.

The new models include a single head model with a ribbed plate (OE7211/R), a twin model with one smooth and one ribbed plate (OE7210/R) and a twin model with both ribbed plates (OE7210/FR).

Lincat marketing manager Helen Applewhite comments:

“The speed at which the clam griddles can cook food, along with the taste quality that’s achieved, makes them a popular option for any kitchen. The ribbed plate variation will give our customers even more choice and enable them to achieve that characteristic branding on meat, which diners desire.”

Ideally suited to cooking meat products, Opus 700’s single and double clam griddles cook food up to three times quicker than standard griddles by cooking both sides of the food simultaneously. The clam plates automatically adjust to the thickness of the meat to provide even heat distribution, reduce shrinkage and seal in flavour.

Precise thermostatic control and individual digital timers on each clam plate help to produce perfect results, no matter how busy the kitchen. Independently controlled cooking zones provide greater flexibility and economy during quieter periods. The 12mm hard anodised aluminium clam tops are coated with PTFE non-stick sheets for easy cleaning.

One business to specify Opus 700 clam griddles is Forum Café Bars, which has eight sites in South Yorkshire, including café bars, gastropubs and American-style diners and smokehouses. The group currently uses four clam griddles across its outlets – two single and one double.

Forum Café Bars group executive chef Andy Burns explains:

“The first Opus 700 clam griddle was introduced into our group last year and we have been delighted with the results. We cook around 2,000 burgers a week, so high volume and fast speed is of the essence.

“Depending on size, we can have a burger ready in one-and-a-half minutes – a 6oz in two minutes. On a chargrill, it would have taken eight to 10 minutes. Chicken and steaks are also cooked a lot quicker. This speed gives the meat that crucial resting time, which makes it tender and brings it to perfect serving temperature.

“They are quick and easy to clean, so we can cook a wide variety of items in a short space of time. We also use them for flatbreads and gourmet toasted sandwiches, and our chefs have been using silicone mats with the clam griddles to cook fish.

“The clam griddles now play an important role in our kitchens, so much so that we are planning to move away from traditional chargrills. With a grill, you would lose meat juices into the flames. However, when cooking a burger on a clam griddle, the patty is cooked on both sides, with juices caramelising onto the patty to keep it succulent.”

Lincat Ltd manufactures one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of catering equipment. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. Lincat Ltd is a member company of the Middleby Corporation.

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