Listen and learn from PentaClass at the BETT Show this January


Listen and learn from PentaClass at the BETT Show this January
Excel, London – Stand No: G412
With a teacher’s main tool being their voice, and an average of 60% teaching time spent speaking, it is little wonder that over 75% of teachers experience voice issues at least once in their career. To help combat the regular strain put upon teachers’ vocal chords, PentaClass is a revolutionary new product that enables sound to be distributed evenly throughout the classroom, allowing teachers to speak at a normal conversational level and still maintain an optimal sound level to the student, no matter where they are located within the classroom.
The PentaClass sound reinforcement system provides a unique yet simple solution that enables the sound of the teacher’s voice – or any other media device – to be clearly audible for every student within a 120 m² classroom, no matter where they are seated.  This is provided by a 360° omnidirectional soundfield that can optionally be both Bluetooth-enabled and connect via reliable radio frequency (RF) to a rechargeable microphone worn by the teacher.
There are three PentaClass models available, from the PentaClass ABM version at £595 – which includes the speaker, microphone, remote control and Bluetooth technology – through to the basic model at £270, which can also be connected to the other units as a slave, to give improved sound coverage over a greater area, making it ideal for school halls and auditoriums.
Commented Steve Farmer, i7 Technologies director and PentaClass’ UK delivery partner: “We are delighted to be one of the first companies in the UK to be distributing PentaClass. This technology offers teachers something different from the previous speaker systems that have been the only sound amplification option until now. Research has shown that students spend 75% of classroom time listening, and in a good acoustic environment they are able to recognise over 70% of the words spoken thereby increasing their learning potential. This word recognition drops to 30% where the acoustics are poor”.
 He continued: “We have provided a number of PentaClass systems to schools and teaching facilities in the UK already and once teachers have had the opportunity to trial the system, they haven’t wanted to give them back! The benefits of this system are many, including an immediate increase in student engagement and inclusion, leading to a significant improvement in the students’ ability to listen, hear, understand and learn, together with the protection of a teachers voice from the strain of a busy and often noisy classroom.”    
The PentaClass will be demonstrated throughout the 2015 BETT Show on stand number G412, and anyone purchasing a PentaClass ABM at the show for delivery before 31 March 2015 will receive another PentaClass A unit free. 
For further information on the PentaClass contact Steve Lewis, i7 Technologies on 01948 820787.

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