Local Authority vs Free Schools Accountability into asbestos

Telegraph Journalist and Asbestos The Truth Conference Host, Toby Young, states in a recent article “when schools convert to academy status they become more accountable, not less”.

In Toby’s article he comments on The Trojan Horse plot calling it “an indictment of local education authorities, not academies”.

The same can be said in light of the recent HSE asbestos management investigation of non local authority schools and academies. Although the report does show that 44 schools received written advice from the HSE and 20 schools were subject to enforcement action , is there any similar evidence to suggest local authority schools are measuring any better?

With more and more academies and free schools coming under fire in recent months for allegedly not being held to account in the same way that local authority schools are, Toby has expressed his opinion towards these accusations especially in the case of the Trojan Horse “When the schools become academies, by contrast, and became directly accountable to the Secretary of State for Education, the plot was investigated and action was taken. The whole saga illustrates that when schools convert to academy status they become more accountable, not less.”

Toby Young is the confirmed host for the 2014 Asbestos The Truth Conference taking place in Leeds on the 2nd October.

As well as seminars from industry speakers, the conference will also stage a live panel debate on the asbestos in schools crisis of which Toby will appear as a panellist alongside a former HSE inspector and a local authority procurement consultant.


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