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According to BESA (the British Educational Suppliers Association) computer technology has played a central part in the drive to raise standards in schools and as a result, the UK can claim to be one of the world leaders in seeking to harness new technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.

Schools are moving tentatively towards a system in which each child has his or her own device. Tablets and iPads are now popular in both primary and secondary schools, however they can cause logistical problems if not managed properly. An iPad for every pupil is a significant stretch on the budget, and this investment needs to be protected with suitable security and storage devices.

Technology has many advantages in the classroom, but unlike textbooks, tablets have to be ˜managed'. They can't just be left at the end of the day in a pile in the corner. They need to be charged, locked away and looked after. It is important that teacher time is not impacted by tablets, which are of course supposed to be a positive addition to the classroom.

Keeping a large number of iPads or tablets charged and ready-to-use can be a tedious process. Schools have been solving this problem through suitable storage devices such as the LocknCharge iQ 20 Cart, which enables you to sync, charge, store, secure and transport up to 20 iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and other compatible tablet devices. These types of devices are there to make teachers' lives easier and tablets can simply be slotted into a cart or charging station where they will be charged, secured, stored and transported away until they're needed again.

Featuring Baskets by LocknCharge, the iQ 20 Cart is a great alternative to the traditional cabinet on wheels. Storage devices with baskets that can be taken out, carried around and placed onto desks are revolutionizing the 'traditional' classroom. Instead of distributing 20 devices one at a time, the teacher can place a basket full of up to five devices onto each desk, meaning distribution of devices is quicker and easier saving valuable learning time. It also helps teachers to quickly spot if any tablets are missing!

For more information on LocknCharge visit www.lockncharge.com. James Symons is an expert in mobile device deployments. For more information on the iQ 20 Cart, visit http://www.lockncharge.com/eu/products/iq-20-cart/.

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