Major supplier to the Education sector announces collaboration with national charity Potential Plus UK

 In a unique agreement, which aims to help fulfil the potential of Britain’s schoolchildren, independent charity Potential Plus UK and Harlow-based manufacturer Gratnells will collaborate on a range of projects during 2016.

Announcing the programme, which will include events, social media, PR, website activities and campaigning, Denise Yates, CEO of Potential Plus UK and Richard Picking, International Marketing Director of Gratnells, issued the following statement:

“Both our organisations are dedicated to improving the learning environment, teaching resources and education provision for Britain’s schoolchildren and we share an ambition to help every child nurture their gifts and talents.  In a series of discussions, we have identified a number of ways in which we can pool our resources to help achieve these goals and we are excited by the prospect of working together on projects such as Potential Plus UK’s ‘It’s Alright to be Bright!’ campaign and Gratnells ‘Learning Rooms’ initiative.”

For its part Gratnells, a leading UK manufacturer and marketer of storage, systems, modular staging and technical and IT trolley units’ designed for schools, has a long-term commitment to ‘Learning Rooms’, which addresses issues of classroom design, layout, systems and colour, along with outdoor and activity-based learning modules.

Richard Picking comments:

“Drawing on published and respected academic research from the likes of Professor Peter Barrett (‘Clever Classrooms’) and Dr. Katherine Forsey, we’ve seen data which confirms the importance of the physical learning environment that children experience.  Seven key design parameters have been identified which affect children’s progress, including four areas where our products have a direct relevance – colour, complexity, flexibility and ownership.  When you put these alongside the expertise that Potential Plus UK has in safeguarding the mental and emotional wellbeing of children with additional abilities and needs it adds up to a comprehensive approach to the learning environment.”

Denise Yates adds:

“We are extremely excited about working with Gratnells to ensure that the learning environment works for all children, but particularly those with high learning potential who can often struggle to achieve what they are capable of when these needs are not taken into account.

We have been impressed by the passion and enthusiasm for learning by Gratnells and we’ve been able to move fairly quickly from establishing common aims and methods to developing a joint programme, which is already gaining momentum and has a number of practical elements.  We have high expectations of our relationship with Gratnells and already it’s opening doors to areas of the market and the media, which we need to make sure understand the impact of the environment on learning and achievement.”

The campaign is expected to roll-out nationally from June 2016 with a plan that takes it at least until the end of the year, when progress and outcomes will be reviewed by both organisations.

Gratnells Learning Rooms is an original concept dedicated to creating the best possible learning and teaching environments, both in and out of the classroom.

It builds on the fundamentals of layout, furniture and equipment to embrace conceptual matters of space and colour.  It seeks to balance form and function, creativity and order in the pursuit of better education for all children, whatever the nature and range of their abilities.

Gratnells Learning Rooms places equal value on artistic, academic, vocational, recreational and practical endeavour.  Working in partnership with teachers and other providers its objectives are to:

ENGAGE                CHALLENGE             INSPIRE         DISCOVER             TRANSFORM

Potential Plus UK is an independent charity, established in 1967, which works with parents and teachers to support children with high learning potential regardless of age or background and including those children who have dual or multiple exceptionality (both high learning potential and a special education need). Its aim is to work with parents and carers so that they can:

DISCOVER their child's potential;

NURTURE their gifts and talents; and

Work with parents and teachers to help children SUCCEED


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