Minister joins UK Lighting Manufacturer in Call for Focus on Green Technologies

At an event celebrating their 25th year, Integral Memory plc, a leading memory and LED lighting manufacturer has called for increased support for energy saving products which are researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. According to Sunil Kotecha, Integral’s MD, an opportunity exists to build a ‘Shenzhen style technology hub in Brent, North West London' based upon the demand for innovative energy saving lamps that are quickly replacing other forms of lighting in homes and throughout industry.

The event was supported by the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Universities, Science and Cities who officially opened a new LED Lighting Laboratory facility which is part of a package of new investment planned by the company to meet a growing demand. Visiting the facility he acknowledged Integral’s achievement of staying at the top of a fast moving technology markets for many years.

“Integral’s success is based upon their agility to spot and respond to opportunities in a fast moving marketplace. The future demand for energy saving lighting is a key growth sector that both rewards the customer with lower energy bills whilst providing energy savings and helping our ability to achieve lower carbon emission targets.” commented the Minister.

Within a series of keynote addresses at the launch event, speakers called for further investment to provide the essential training and skills required to meet the challenge of the global green technology market.
“As a government we have a responsibility to companies like Integral to ensure that the skills are available to ensure continued growth. The recently announced science and innovation strategy is designed to feed that need.” continued the Minister.
Referring to his early days as an engineer, Sunil Kotecha, MD of Integral Memory observed that opportunities for new graduates were fewer than in the mid-eighties when he entered the job market.

“As an experienced visitor and witness to China’s economic miracle - I know we have a considerable distance to cover in order to catch up to the level of skills, investment and infrastructure available to our manufacturing competition abroad. Our strength as a country is in our ability to innovate. Hence the key to our future lies in nurturing the talent within our Universities and attracting them to fast growing market sectors like LED lighting.” he concluded.

The future of LED Lighting is very exciting according to experts present at the event. According to Tony Howells, Senior Policy Advisor to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills “Lighting is everywhere and combined with the cost savings available of 60 to 80 percent that LED can offer - it is a total ‘no brainer’. Couple this with a requirement to become less reliant on coal fired power stations and in our critical need to match government environmental targets - the LED Lighting industry becomes one of the strategically important industrial sectors."
About Integral
Integral supply a wide range of over 200 LED products available to trade and retail customers including a comprehensive range of LED lamps, strips, panels and downlights.  

Integral apply stringent quality control to its LED products that is especially crucial to manage the fast-moving LED sector. All components are selected from manufacturers with high standards exhibiting good design and quality. Additionally they demonstrate a competitive edge through a true advance in technology. Integral LED’s emphasis on quality has earned them two prestigious Which? ‘Best Buys’ in two lighting product categories during 2014.

Integral LED is a division of Integral Memory plc, a company that began life in the UK in 1989 when, as Just RAMs plc, it supplied memory for very early PCs and data systems. Today the main company designs and manufactures a wide range of memory and storage products encompassing DRAM, memory cards, USB drives, solid state drives (SSDs) and industrial memory solutions.

Integral is a truly global organisation with headquarters and R&D and testing facilities in the UK and offices in France, Spain, The Netherlands and the UAE. Resellers in more than 50 countries sell the company’s products and customers include large corporate organisations, government departments, educational institutions and a wide variety of business and personal users.

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