Multipolar Communal Refrigerator

‘Multipolar’ undercounter and cabinet compartmentalized refrigerators offers from four to 16 lockable compartments within an impact and shock resistant outer cabinet.

Northallerton Young Offenders Institute took delivery of several cabinets to hold food for day release inmates.

Northallerton’s Deputy Catering Manager explained that the units were purchased to store individual meals for adult inmates on day-release. Having completed their daily community service, they arrive back at the unit after the kitchen has shut down for the day, but an evening meal still needs to be provided.

Individual meals including sandwich packs, salads or microwaveable ready-meals are left for each inmate inside a box in the Multipolar. The inmates have their own key and microwaves and sandwich toasters are available to reheat.

The outer cabinet is manufactured from powder-coated galvanized sheet steel with inner compartments featuring a raise lip to help contain spillages. Compartment doors are made from stainless steel and lined with the fruit juice and acid resistant polystyrene.

The Multipolar range is based on a range of cabinet sizes from undercounter units housing 4 or 6 compartments, which can be built underneath worktops, to a Slimline 360 litre unit, 8-14 compartments, full size 500 litre model (8 to 12 compartments) and an extra-large 570 litre cabinet, which features 16 compartments. Each compartment comes with its own unique lock and two keys.

The energy-saving and powerful cold compressor produces very little noise or vibration thanks to a special bearing application. Automatic defrost and water evaporation also features.

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