Science education specialists Classroom Medics have doubled their roving teaching team with three new recruits. The rapidly expanding company, which specialises in fun and engaging medical and sports science workshops using the latest equipment, has appointed Catriona Sibert, Rachel Jones and Tariq Ismail as bookings at schools across the UK take off. Classroom Medics seek to engage the next generation of healthcare scientists and athletes, as well as helping students make more informed decisions about their career aspirations and lifestyle choices – and all three recruits are ideally placed given their degree specialisms. Catriona (24) who has a degree in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Science Communication says: “I see my role as breaking down information for the students in a way that they easily understand and can use later in their lessons. We make the classroom and their learning come alive and I’m so proud to have already inspired a few of them to think about a career in healthcare, medicine and sports science too." Rachel (22) who has a degree is in Sport & Exercise Science says: “It doesn’t get any cooler than introducing students to our ‘Accelerator’ sprint simulator tunnel, which enables them to race a virtual Usain Bolt (via his split times) and see how far behind him they would finish in a real race. Plus, they get to experience rowing and cycling equipment that Olympic athletes train with - and it never fails to blow their minds.” Tariq (21) also has a Masters in Science Communication and says he will never tire of getting students hands-on with real medical equipment like an ophthalmoscope that takes pictures of the blood vessels in the retina, plus Stan the life size patient simulator used to diagnose different conditions. He explains: “We seem to make an immediate difference and get such good feedback from students and teachers alike. The sessions always seem to be really impactful, which is very gratifying, and who doesn’t love being told how great they are at their job, right?” Classroom Medics founder Tom Warrender, who used to lecture on Physiology at Birmingham City University, adds:

“It’s a first full-time job for all three and they’re really flying and making a big contribution already. As young, ex-graduates now making a living in the science industry they are only too pleased to talk about their academic experiences along the way and give really sound advice based on very recent experiences. This is important too, because a lot of the students we engage with are interested in further education and university, so it really helps to bridge the gap.” Visit for details. Pic shows - on your marks, set, go and accelerate, l to r:Tariq Ismail, Rachel Jones and Catriona Sibert ENDS

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