NEW hot and cold water temperature aids for legionella risk management

Keep tabs on your hot and cold water temperatures with NEW Red and Blue TC Wall Ports from TME Thermometers, market leaders in temperature test aids for legionella risk management.

What is a TC Wall Port?

The thermocouple temperature sensor monitoring point has made legionella prevention easier for many water hygiene companies and facilities managers by facilitating simple spot checks on test points with difficult or impaired access. The port is designed for use with fine wire probes which are attached to the temperature test point and left in-situ. These wires are then run to the port – a wall-mounted, small white box measuring just 52 x 52mm. This allows temperatures to be taken by simply ‘plugging’ a standard thermocouple thermometer into the wall port – much easier and less time-consuming than dismantling boxing below sinks or using ladders to access covered tanks, necessitating working at height.  

Why Colour Code?

The TC Wall Port is now available in three colours: White for general use, Red for hot water test points and Blue for cold water test points. When multiple ports are being used in a small space, it’s easy to confuse hot water and cold water temperature monitoring points, so the colour coded ports can prevent this. This is especially effective when using a red and blue Wall Port as a pair to monitor hot and cold feeds into tmvs. An ID or barcode label can be applied to the cover to further aid identification of the test point.

Trust the experts

The TC Wall Port is the most recent in a range of innovative products developed specifically by TME to support water temperature monitoring, and remote monitoring of sensitive or hazardous environments. The company leads the field in producing robust, waterproof equipment and portable kits to improve on reliability and convenience.

Did You Know?

To help prevent an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, hot water in a building should be stored above 60°C and distributed above 50°C, and cold water distributed below 20°C. Older buildings, facilities with a large number of water outlets and accommodation used by vulnerable groups like the elderly or people with a reduced or impaired immune system are those which present the most risk.

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