Navitron Helps UK Primary School Save £2,600 Per Year on Energy

Several months before the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) updated its Solar Photovoltaic strategy and publically backed the installation of panels on schools, a Rutland primary school decided to invest in a 60-panel solar PV array from Navitron to help cut energy costs, lower its carbon footprint and provide students with a valuable learning tool.

Based near Oakham, Langham CE Primary School, like most other schools, uses large amounts of electricity to power the building during the school year and also has a duty to instill a sense of ecological responsibility on its pupils.

Janet Lord, head teacher at Langham Primary commented: “We’re always looking for ways to move forward and widen the educational opportunities that we offer to our children. While applying for our fourth International Eco Flag, we were looking for new ways to demonstrate to our pupils, staff and the wider community how we could become even more sustainable and further reduce our carbon footprint here at school – and it seemed that solar energy would fit the bill perfectly.”

Within six months of deciding to join the 'The Solar Schools' project  – a programme aimed at encouraging schools across the UK to go green by providing the tools, training and support needed to fundraise the cost of panels – Langham Primary had gained the necessary permissions and raised the funds needed to install the panels.

“Raising money for the panels was a true community effort. Several local businesses donated to the project, in addition to our students, teachers and staff members planning events and raising money. For example, a group of students organised a sponsored bike ride around Rutland Water, which raised over £300. So many people have added to the success of our fundraising!

“We couldn’t be happier with the installation,” continued Janet. “Over the first year, the installation has generated 12960kwh of energy, saving the school £2600 per year and reducing its carbon footprint by 7361 tonnes per year.

“More importantly, we’ve also used the installation as a way of educating our pupils about solar efficiency through assemblies, design and installation displays and are also using our panels as a real life example of how solar technology can help the environment.

“As one of the county’s leading schools in sustainability, we hope that other schools will watch us with interest to better understand the advantages that solar brings. We’re also hopeful that more people in the local community will follow suit and embrace going green to help save the environment.”

Janet continued: “Working with Navitron and its sister company, Love Your Earth Ltd, was a great experience. The entire team was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from specifying to installation. Not only did they provide several options and recommendations, but they also provided us with some interesting facts and figures that we were able to pass on to our students to keep them interested in renewable energy and its benefits.”

Stephen Knight, Commercial Director for Navitron, added: “It’s great to see the community come together to support the installation of renewable technology. It’s important that more and more homes and businesses in the county consider a switch to green energy so that Rutland can lower it’s overall carbon footprint and become one of the UK’s greenest areas.”

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